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Applying to Abertay

Tuition fees

Scottish and EU student tuition fees (2013/14)

University tuition fees are the same for Scottish and EU students at Abertay University, but vary between different courses. 

Details of tuition fees for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be found on our Tuition Fees - England, Wales & Northern Ireland page.

Students from Northern Ireland are charged at the RUK tuition fee rate.  The University's policy is that Northern Irish students who are Irish passport holders and are domiciled in Northern Ireland are only eligible for EU fee status if they have resided in the EU (outwith the UK) prior to living in Northern Ireland.

Course(s) Tuition fees (£)
Undergraduate Programmes £1820b
Undergraduate Programmes - returning students (prior to 2006/7) £1285
PhD/MPhil/Masters by Research (Full-time, fee per academic year) £3600+,c
PhD/MPhil/Masters by Research (Part-time, fee per academic year) £1800+,c
Writing up fee (PhD/MPhil, fee per academic year) £200
MSc/MPA/MProf Programmes £3400*
MSc International Nursing £3700
Master of Business Administration £8750
MSc Counselling £5100a
Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills £1140
University Certificate for UG/PG Studies £2500

University tuition fees – further information

+ Additional bench fees may be charged.
* There may be additional charges where the MA/MSc is not completed within 18 months. Module fees are on a pro rata basis of 120 credits.
a This course is charged at a premium and any SAAS funding will only cover PG Dip studies. Module fees are on a pro rata basis of 180 credits.
b Assuming SAAS rate remains at £1820
c This fee includes £200.00 to support research student training.

    Students opting to take less than a full year of a programme should contact for details of fees per module or per credit.

    Students undertaking more than a full-time complement of modules will normally be charged for the excess modules.


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