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Planning work experience

Work experience is such a hot topic these days, everyone's talking about it.  If you are looking for a good reason to get involved consider the following, it can:

  • make you more attractive to employers
  • help you to find out more about careers and jobs
  • provide an insight into the world of work
  • help you to discover what skills you have or need
  • help you to shine at interviews

Types of work experience

Internships and placements
Placements are formal work experience programmes.  They are often structured to allow as much flexibility as possible and to give you the opportunity to gain knowledge from various sections within an organisation.  Internships are similar to placements, they can run from 3 months to a year.  Competition for a paid internship is high and as such the application process is likely to be demanding. The Targetjobs website contains some useful advice for those considering an internship or similar work experience opportunity.  To search through current vacancy information visit our vacancies and events site - you will need to register to use this service for the first time. 

There are also a number of work experience initiatives open to current students looking to gain relevant, paid work.  These include, Adopt-an-Intern (final year students only), ScotGradBright Green Placements and the Saltire Foundation Programme.

Part time and vacation work 
You might want to consider getting a job that can fit around your studies.  Part-time jobs can provide many opportunities to develop and enhance your employability skills.  Visit the CDC on level 2 of the library to browse our part-time work noticeboard. Check out our Facebook and Twitter sites for job news and updates.

International exchanges, voluntary work and gap year opportunities
International exchanges provide an opportunity to meet new people and explore new cultures.  Employers love to see this as proof of your initiative and independence.  Organisations such as IAESTE, CIEE and AISEC provide such programmes.  Voluntary work can include anything from conservation work to helping at sports initiatives. Overseas projects are often based in developing countries. Visit (for local voluntary opportunities).  Considering a gap year? Visit, for a checklist of what to consider and links to many relevant organisations.

See for further information on work experience.


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