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Project marking

Honours projects vary so widely across courses that it is hard to give a single simple answer.  For detailed information on how your project will be marked, check the module descriptor on OASIS.

You can also look at projects in the library.  Ask your supervisor which ones are particularly good.

This is a list of the main features supervisors look for when marking projects:

  • Research problem: has it been well defined?
  • Literature review: have the works included been well chosen?  Have all the main works in the field been included?
  • Originality of project: how much of the project repeats other people's work?
  • Structure: has it been planned well?
  • Data: has it been collected appropriately?  Is it significant?
  • Evaluation and analysis: is it critical?  Is it well thought out?
  • Conclusion and discussion: does it cover the important points?  Does it raise useful issues for further work?
  • Presentation: does it follow guidelines?


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